6 Key Rules Of Remote Collaboration In 2022

Apply this to everything you do when collaborating remotely and it can make a world of difference because everyone is on the same page. Occasional breakdowns in communication might seem like a small matter.

remote collaboration

Teammates can introduce themselves and get more comfortable or familiar with each other’s work styles, strengths, weaknesses, etc. These active sessions will disrupt the “normal” way of doing things to reinvigorate your team with fresh ideas. Skip the video call and send everyone a pair of wireless earbuds.

How To Improve Remote Collaboration

It works for teams of all sizes & can be used as a desktop plug-in or a mobile app. It helps improve internal communication & visually sharing ideas with co-workers. Popwork was launched at the start of 2020, during the first wave of the global pandemic. Since then, it has gone out of its way to improve relationships between remote managers & their teams.

remote collaboration

If you have enjoyed this article you may also be interested in reading successful collaboration while telecommuting, or click here to learn more on how to collaborate more effectively. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to jump straight into the facilitation of remote collaboration without thinking a few things through first.

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Because of the differences in time zones, we have agreed on a time-slot after taking input from all our team members. This makes it easier to share files with external partners or clients. With high-resolution previews of generated content and the ability to track accountability of action items, Hightail ensures your creative workflow keeps moving. It’s not overloaded with features and a complex UI, so remote teams can focus on their tasks and the project.

If you haven’t used a password manager before, they’re incredibly useful for storing all your passwords in a single vault you can access with—you guessed it—one password. If your team has a meeting, record it and share it with whoever wasn’t able to make it. Better yet, make it available for anyone in the company to watch if they think it might help them. When you break it down, overcommunicating is simply proactively avoiding misunderstandings. When communicating with remote team members, try to be as empathetic as possible by thinking through problems and preempting questions before they’re asked, and then addressing them.

How An Intranet Improves The Remote Work Experience

✓ Customized dashboard You get access to an intuitive dashboard that lets you enjoy customization. Xtensio enables you to use your company logo, custom URL, website’s colors, and custom fonts to add your brand remote collaboration touch. ✓ Task commentsShare your feedback for each task by using the ‘Task comments’ feature. All the concerned individuals will receive email notifications so that necessary changes get made quickly.

The ultimate resource for remote work – actionable insights and advice for remote job seekers, employees, and employers. With everyone on the same page, communication becomes less ambiguous and easy.

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Set a dedicated time on the calendar for a virtual team huddle. For example, you might have a daily check-in where team members talk about their accomplishments, current projects, and issues that are disrupting their progress. Every employee should have personal performance targets that align with team goals.

  • Thus, by using any of the remote collaboration tools discussed in this write-up you can easily improve the productivity of the members of your remote teams working on the same project.
  • We offer you a solution with thought-through features so you can provide the best support for clients and colleagues alike.
  • These tools allow your team to share files, ask questions, leave comments, and track progress in this integrated workflow as if everyone’s working in the same room together.
  • It may sound simple, but roadblocks that end in missed deadlines don’t need a complicated solution.
  • It can be hard to know what ChatOps looks like without real-world examples.

Slack is without a doubt one of the most popular team collaboration & internal communication platforms available today. Promote team-building exercises, and make sure there are processes in place to boost morale and keep the team feeling like a team, rather than a collection of individuals. The best remote teams use a combination of asynchronous and real-time channels, including text, audio and video.

Webinar: How To Stay Compliant While Growing Your Remote Team

Their ‘Standard’ plan is $15 USD per user per month and includes 5 TB of cloud storage per user which is more than enough. Dropbox is a super simple and reliable cloud storage and file-syncing service.

remote collaboration

Rather, they suggest that local networks and digital networks are complements rather than substitutes. Indeed, by connecting different local networks, remote collaboration increases the size of what Muthukrishna and Henrich have called the ‘collective brain’. A large literature shows that face-to-face interaction is critical for the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Your team needs to know when they can—and when they can’t—get in touch with each other. It’s a good idea to set a clear window when remote team members are expected to be contactable. It’s all well and good to say you need effective remote collaboration. We asked leading members of remote companies that very question.

  • This way, all the team will be on the same page and this will be reflected in excellent teamwork.
  • People can generate their ideas at the time of day when their minds are sharpest, rather than whenever the meeting happens to be.
  • Get work done faster and smarter by collaborating better with your team members.

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Master The Art Of Productive Meetings

Team members fill in Excel with hours worked every day, if they get paid an hourly rate. Before the weekend, I get reporting on tasks completed, and ask colleagues clarifying questions. Our Account Management team has “Hot Topic” video conferences, where any team member can raise a challenge they’re facing and the rest of the team suggests quick solutions or workarounds. To do so, play an Icebreaker round and you will see the difference. Retention rates increase with happier employees who find their work fulfilling. Better work collaboration sets the foundations of a work culture that can lead to this conducive work environment. When individuals are not in proximity to one another, a system is very necessary to keep everyone focused.

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In an office setting, you’d just get those four or five or seven people together camped out in a conference room for a whole week, knocking out the problem. But it can be particularly challenging to wrangle a large group of people to carve out a long chunk of time to work together remotely. Nothing takes a team out of their flow like a dropped video call or a clunky project collaboration dashboard. Think about the tools, processes, and best practices your team uses. Were they designed for remote work, or have they simply been ported over from your in-office habits? It’s easy to take our workflows for granted, but simply replicating what worked in the office in a remote setting can be frustrating and inefficient. Adapting and adjusting how you collaborate to work with the nuances of remote work instead of against them can make a huge difference in your team’s productivity and happiness.

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